Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Month in Review: June

June has been a busy, busy month. Need proof? This is post number 33 for the month.

A lot of this activity was prompted by the Bloggiesta event a few weeks ago. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Bloggiesta is one of the most fun online events I've ever participated in. And the Bloggiesta is also responsible for the consistent reviews posted over the last few weeks, as I wrote a bunch up on the last day and I still have one or two in reserve. So now I need to spend some time this holiday weekend writing up a new batch!

Bloggiesta wasn't the only exciting blog event this month, though. I also had the chance to participate in the Nerds Heart YA, debating the merits of The World is Mine and Donut Days before sending Donut Days on to the next round of the tournament.

And then just on Monday I got to host Nonfiction Monday. There was also, of course, ALA, which I posted about earlier today, and I have to say one of the highlights of the conference that didn't make it into my final report, was the discovery of publisher Zest Books and all of their teen nonfiction books. Hopefully I'll be getting a box of books from them soon, ensuring I have loads of Nonfiction Monday books for weeks to come!

Here in NYC, there were also some great book events to attend - I got to meet Karen Healey, author of one of my favorite new books, Guardian of the Dead. I also discovered the Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art and the Sons of Liberty panel (review coming soon! Actually...that would make a pretty good 4th of July weekend review! Revolutionary War superheroes. Doesn't get much more American than that!).

This month I was also very proud of myself for continuing my periodic link roundups (another go-round this weekend), as well as the debut of Sci-Fi Fridays, where I'll be concentrating my SF attentions weekly. If you're a SF nut, too, I encourage you to check the posts out weekly, and even join in yourself with your own posts!

Whew. Like I said, it's been a busy month - an ambitious start to the summer! Here's hoping the rest of the season goes as well!
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