Saturday, June 12, 2010

Book Links: Roundup, 6/12

The goal is to make this a bi-weekly link post, but I've run across so many great links this week, if I waited until next Saturday I would either lose them all or there would be a gigantic post!

There's some cool giveaways happening around the blogosphere this week. Here's the ones I've entered:

SAPPHIQUE ARC, the sequel to Incarceron

$60 to CSN Stores from Books at Midnight

Bodacious Pen finished the first draft of her book and is having a giveaway to celebrate!

New Blogging Events
One of the great things about the Bloggiesta is the constant creativity that's going through everyone. As such, there's a couple of new events that have popped up this weekend!
Cross Bloggination sounds really interesting and I'm definitely signing up!

Want Books? is a new meme to highlight titles on your wishlist that you aren't able to get yet. This is different from the popular Waiting on Wednesday meme because this is for books that are already published, but either haven't shown up in your country yet, or your library is like mine and it can take MONTHS for a new book to show up on the shelves.

Shelf Talker from Publisher's Weekly has a great article that should be a must-read for all of us concerned and interested in the representation of characters of color in books. Includes plans of action for publishing industry folks, but it involves commentary we should all be interested in.

My favorite book series ever, Animorphs, is getting re-released in 2011! (Fun fact: Michael Grant, author of the Gone series, was co-writer on Animorphs with his wife Katherine Applegate)

The New Yorker has a long article about dystopia in YA lit, hitting pretty much every major player in the last couple of years - Uglies, Hunger Games, Incarceron just to name a few - and older classics like The Giver. Must read for dystopia fans!

Whew. Lots going on this week. Now back to bloggiesta-ing for me!
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