Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bloggiesta Day 3

The finish line is in sight - but there's still one day left for blogging for me!

Last night my husband returned from a week long business trip to Mexico. I was hoping for some fun souvenir to tie in with the Bloggiesta, but alas, he doesn't love me that much.

I kid!

He almost bought me a copy of The Hunger Games in Spanish, but by the time he got to the book store with pesos in tow, they had sold out of it! Darn. Not that I can read Spanish, but it would have been nice to add to my collection!

So as often happens when my husband returns from a trip, I kept waking up all night, unused to having to share the bed and the sheets with another person. When one of my cats started bugging me at 7:30, I finally relented and got up, fed them, fed myself, and now I'm back in front of the computer for more blogging!

Accomplished yesterday:
  • Tags updated
  • Layout changed
  • Favicon edited
  • Reading challenges updated & linked in sidebar
And lots of time spent on Twitter and checking out new blogs. My Google Reader subscription list is growing and I'm hoping that this guide that I found through the Bloggiesta tag on Twitter is going to help me manage all of my new sites!

Today's top priority is writing up all of those reviews I'm behind on. I'm also going to look into setting up an Amazon Affiliates account so that I can easily add cover images to my posts. Otherwise I think I'm still fairly on track with my Bloggiesta goals! How are you holding up?


Katie said...

You've accomplished so much!! Way to go!! I like your new layout :) And I've already been reading through you links from the articles below. Thanks for sharing!

Natasha @ Maw Books said...

Good luck writing all of those reviews! I have like 60 to do so I know how you feel.

Lisa said...

I'm always so jealous of people that can actually fall behind on reviews! I can only read as fast as I'm posting reviews. Good luck getting everything done!

Chachic said...

Good luck in writing those reviews and with the rest of your Bloggiesta tasks. :)

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