Monday, June 14, 2010

Bloggiesta Finish Line

I was way too tired at the end last night to put up my finish line post. However since the Bloggiesta runs through 8 AM local time, I'm still fine posting now!

My grand total of blogging time this weekend, from lunch time on Friday until this morning? 22 hours. I beat my last Bloggiesta time by three hours! Not that it was a contest, but I'm impressed with myself.

Here's everything I accomplished:

  • CAUGHT UP ON MY BACKLOG OF REVIEWS - I had roughly a dozen books that I'd read but not reviewed yet. I got two reviews written on Sunday, and then I attacked the rest yesterday. Basically, I don't have to actually write a blog post for the rest of the month!
  • Set up Amazon Associates in Blogger - the images aren't actually connected with an Associates account, so no need for FTC disclaimers
  • Started adding images to reviews - Maybe next Bloggiesta I'll go back and add images to all of my old blog posts
  • Tags updated - I didn't do a huge overhaul like I did last time, but I did some maintenance
  • Changed layout - I'm really digging this new look. Let me know if you think anything could be improved! (For example, I'm not in love with my visited link color - I think it's a little too light - but I haven't figured out a good replacement color)
  • Favicon edited - that little picture that shows up next to the blog's URL or in the title tab now matches the blog's colors
  • Reading challenges updated - I counted up how many books for each challenge I've read, how close I am to completing it, and made sure my reviews were linked at the challenge page when applicable. You can also see what challenges I'm doing in the sidebar
  • Created a review policy
  • Updated my About Me page
  • Started using Pages in Blogger for the aforementioned pieces
  • Edited and finished my Nerds Heart YA announcement post (that goes up TOMORROW!)
  • Fixed formatting on my LGBT Lit book list
  • Started brainstorming for a new book list
  • Re-organized my To Be Read spreadsheet
  • Added a subscribe by e-mail option
And I visited tons of new blogs and spent way more time than is probably healthy on Twitter following the Bloggiesta hashtag.

The one thing I'd put on my to-do list on Friday that I didn't get to is working on putting reviews (or at least ratings) up at Goodreads - but I just kept of thinking of more and more stuff that I wanted to accomplish on my actual blog that the Goodreads stuff seemed less important.

Congrats to all of my fellow bloggers who took on the Bloggiesta challenge this weekend!

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Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

Wow, congrats!! Lol, I always mean to write posts in advance, but somehow I can never bring myself to do so... *has no posts scheduled AT ALL* Haha, definitely need to get on that. CONGRATS AGAIN ON 22 HOURS! :D

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