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First thing about me - I'm usually behind the camera, so few decent pictures of me exist! So for now, enjoy a shot taken with my webcam of me enjoying some authentic New York City pizza!

About me: I'm Angela Craft, a 20-something New Yorker who grew up in a small city in western Michigan. I moved to NYC in August 2008 with my husband and our three cats, and we are all crammed into a tiny studio apartment in Queens.

I started Bookish Blather partially as a way to alleviate my boredom from being under-employed in December 2008. Shortly after moving to New York I discovered a branch of the Queens library is just down the street from my apartment, and the steady source of books from there was a necessary respite as I was searching for permanent work and temporarily working retail. I've always been a voracious reader, and living in Queens but working in Manhattan gives me more reading time than I know what to do with! Bookish Blather is my way of documenting what I'm reading and thinking about in terms of YA literature.

Why YA lit? Aren't I an adult? I have always maintained that YA literature is some of the most interesting stuff being published today. I've tried reading "adult" novels, and most of them find some way to bore and/or offend me long before I finish the book. Young adult novels are forever experimenting with form and plot, making it an exciting publishing niche. Additionally, I hope to make my career in YA publishing in the near future - I am currently seeking work in the editorial, sales or marketing departments of YA publishing imprints.

What I do when I'm not reading: Well, if you asked my husband I'm sure he'd tell you there's very little time when I'm not reading! My day job is as a sales assistant for a bargain book wholesale company here in New York, so even when I'm not reading I'm surrounded by books during the day! I also actually enjoy working out and spend time at the gym most days of the week. I'm a huge movie fan, especially science fiction and action movies. I don't watch a large number of films, but the movies I do watch I become obsessive about and try to learn everything I can about them

Contact: Outside of books, the Internet is my life. Please e-mail me with any questions or comments at Angela.Craft AT Gmail.Com

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