Saturday, July 3, 2010

Book Links: Roundup, 7/3

Third day of the month, third post. Not a bad average, if I say so myself.

So have you heard about Annexed and its titillating Anne Frank/Peter van Pels sex scene? Spoiler alert: that doesn't happen. I was already looking forward to reading this before the "controversy" hit, and made sure to grab an ARC at ALA, so I'll be reading this soon and will post my own thoughts prior to a full review closer to the publication date.

India is jumping on the YA bandwagon. I hope some of these get imported to the US!

The fight against whitewashed covers isn't finished: the paperback of Cindy Pon's Silver Phoenix has been changed so the cover model is racially ambiguous at best. Ari has proposed a new tactic to combat whitewashing: contact the major bookstore chains to encourage them to carry more books with prominent people of color on the covers (part of the reasoning behind Silver Phoenix's change is Borders totally passed on the book and Barnes & Noble only carried it in select stores. Missing out on chain distribution severely limits a books chances at success).

The countdown stands at 60 days until the release of Mockingjay, the conclusion of The Hunger Games trilogy. Earlier this week Scholastic announced the initial print run is being upped to 1.2 million, and Suzanne Collins will go on a 12 city tour from August through November. No specific dates and places have been announced yet (that I've seen, at least).

Did you miss out on ALA? Luckily for you, several bloggers have posted their wrap up reports. There's mine, of course, from earlier this week. Other bloggers that I've seen are Jenn from Books at Midnight and Tara from the Bodacious Pen. Want a post from the POV of a librarian? Well, I've got those, too: Travis from 100 Scope Notes has posted his recap in both words and video.

A short week for links - I blame the excitement from ALA last weekend as it tired out a chunk of the blogosphere, combined with this holiday weekend.

What have you been reading this week?

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Ahh I'm so glad you posted this! I didn't even think to check where Suzanne Collins is touring, and she'll be in my city! Now I have to get my hands on Catching Fire and Mockingjay before then.

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