Sunday, July 11, 2010

Book Events: Lend Your Voice Community Sourced Audio Book, recorded in DC

[Edit: 1 PM: Uploading this so it's audible directly through Blogger is making me want to tear my hair out. I've recently started a new blog on Tumblr for all my non-book related thoughts, and they allow me to directly upload audio, so you can listen by going here. Sorry for the inconvenience!]

There wasn't room to fit this particular highlight into my ALA recap post - I had to draw the line somewhere, and since I didn't have the audio for this bit yet, I figured I would hold off until I had something real to share!

During the weekend of ALA, I learned via Twitter that Random House Audio was teaming up with the Digital Book Mobile for an event called LEND YOUR VOICE. The event invited everyone to come participate in a community sourced audio book of one of my favorite stories ever, The Wizard of Oz. I love The Wizard of Oz; I love to perform - I totally had to jump on this bandwagon!

Katherine Flemming, the Random House rep working the recording equipment, was awesome. When she saw I was a blogger (everyone had to fill out short bio sheets and sign a disclaimer acknowledging no one was making money off of this), she said in my intro I could plug my blog and offered to send this audio clip to me. Thanks Katherine!

It was short and sweet and over way too fast - I could have stayed and read another 100 pages (if only so I could keep taking advantage of their frigid air conditioning. It was glorious walking inside the mobile recording studio and almost physically painful to step back out into the heat and humidity!).

All sorts of people participated in the recording. Immediately before me, two young girls split a section. And going through the official Flickr photostream I saw that they got a few big time authors in on this as well! I'm going to be in the same audio book as rock star author Libba Bray!

Thanks so much to Katherine Fleming everyone at Random House Audio and the Digital Bookmobile who made this thing happen. I can't wait until the final audio book is released.

Photos in this post courtesy of the Digital Bookmobile's Flickr photostream.
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