Saturday, July 17, 2010

Book Links: Roundup, 7/17

Since starting this blog I've become more and more interested in reading non-fiction, so I'm excited to see what happens with the She Writes Passion Project, a contest to help an unpublished woman get her nonfiction project published.

In the July/August issue of the Horn Book, Ellen Wittlinger writes about the Lambda Literary Foundation's decision to favor LGBT identified authors in their awards, rather than focusing on LGBT content in the books themselves. Arthur A. Levine of Scholastic chimes in from an editor's perspective.

The Nation takes on the book-selling behemoth in The Trouble with Amazon, examining their predatory pricing practices (remember when Amazon pulled all the buy buttons from Macmillan titles?)

For my fellow Animorph-geeks, Katherine and Michael (the team that pseudonymously made up K.A. Applegate) are calling for video submissions from fans about what Animorphs meant to us. The videos will then be shown to the Scholastic sales team at the beginning of August (what I wouldn't give to get a job at Scholastic between now and then!).

And for my monthly self-promotion and nepotism...

I mentioned this last month before the show has started, but my sister-in-law is still going strong on The Big Break. Or that's what I've been told - I don't have cable and the show doesn't seem to be available anywhere online!

My husband is still going strong on his foray into blogging, posting excerpts of his latest writing projects. It's all paranormal/fantasy stuff right now - he'd love to get some feedback!

And if you love me so much that my daily reviews just aren't enough for you, I've started another blog (because this is what the internet really needs over on tumblr. It's for anything and everything, at least anything and everything that isn't related to YA books!
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