Friday, July 9, 2010

Book Events: Mockingjay Midnight Release Party in NYC!

I could hardly hold in my excitement at work yesterday afternoon when I saw that Books of Wonder, the awesome indie bookstore dedicated solely to kids' books here in NYC, is hosting a midnight release party for Mockingjay, the conclusion to The Hunger Games trilogy!

And what a party it sounds like it'll be. It goes from 8:00 PM on August 23rd until 1:30 AM on the 24th. Suzanne Collins herself will be there to read the opening just before midnight! I think I might just DIE from excitement. Next pay day I'm totally heading down to Books of Wonder to reserve my copy so I can be in the faster moving line at midnight.

And yes, the release just happens to be in the middle of the work week. No, I don't expect this to hinder my ability to read the book on release day. I'm hoping the Starbucks down the street from Books of Wonder is open 24 hours so I can grab a huge iced white mocha to help keep me awake. I'll probably make a squee-tastic/bragging post whenever I finish the book, and then pass out for a few hours before I have to go to work, with a real review coming whenever my brain is no longer mush.

Any NY-area readers going to make it to the release party? Let me know and we can arrange some kind of meetup at the party so I don't have to hang out by myself for hours!


Nicole (Linus's Blanket) said...

This is great! I definitely plan to go, and would love to meet up.

Anonymous said...

sigh, i really need to move to NYC.

Serena said...

I wish I could go...I hope you have a great time...I would love to see photos from the event!

Suzanne said...

My son and I will both be there as well as a number of fan from the Hunger Games Trilogy fan site. We will all have the # 12 on our hands. The more the merrier during the wait. I am planning to get there about 5 pm to get in line. We'll take turns on trips to Starbucks.

Kate said...

I am going too! Email me if you wanna meet up !

sithereandread (at) gmail (dot) com

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