Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Book Links: Self-promotion - again!

During the Bloggiesta, I was asked by Carina at Reading Through Life to do an interview as part of her Reading Roots series - and the interview goes live today! Check it out!

Last year I was a judge in the Nerds Heart YA book tournament (check out my posts from last year here and here). The tournament is back for another year and nominations are open! If you know of a book that hasn't received a lot of blog love and falls into one of the tournament's seven under-represented categories, please nominate it! I'm not judging this year - instead I've been selected as one of the consultants who will be helping to whittle down the longlist of nominations into a more manageable shortlist. I'm incredibly excited to be working on this end of the tournament - it feels like I'm getting some sort of validation for the hard topics I like to address on the blog (because seriously, a lot of those "under-represented categories" are right in my wheel house: LGBTDisabilityCLASS?! Hell yeah!).

In non-book related news, the podcast that I mentioned a few weeks ago is still going strong! In honor of Valentine's Day, this week my husband and I are talking about geek love - and true to my geeky self I bring up lots of YA examples. Twilight and Stolen get some harsh words, while I praise Graceling and Uglies for their more nuanced approaches to romance. I'm actually re-reading Graceling now - I've had an incredibly stressful month so far, and all of the current books I have checked out from the library are all dealing with high stress topics, so I needed something relatively light (or at least not based in reality) to get my mind off of things. I am SO EXCITED to start my vacation this weekend - escape from all the stresses (and cold!) of regular life. I'm planning on having reviews go up during the week, but I won't be around to check out comments - I'll be too busy sipping margaritas on tropical beaches!
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