Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday morning Bloggiesta Check-in

Lost track of how much time I spent on the Bloggiesta yesterday. Somewhere around 10 hours? In the early evening I kind of lost some of my blogging mo-jo, as I sat down for a late lunch/early dinner and a movie with my husband, then had to put out some minor crises. The last thing I wanted to think about was more work, so I kept an eye on Twitter and did some brainstorming between playing stupid games on Facebook.

Last Bloggiesta I ended up spending 23 hours on the blog. I'm clearly not gonna come close to that this time around, but that's okay, I think. For one thing, I didn't have nearly as many major projects this time around (in June's event I re-designed the blog, which took forever to tweak). Last June I also didn't have half the social life I do now - while I haven't gone out with friends this weekend, I hung out with them last weekend and have plans for next weekend, which means I do need to do some errands and chores this weekend that in Bloggiesta's past I could hold off on until the next weekend.

I have gotten a few major tasks out of the way, though! Yesterday I successfully updated to the IntenseDebate comment system, and I love how easy it is to have and follow conversations in the comments. I really hope the new format encourages more commenting, because the #1 thing I love about the internet is having great conversations with people I've never met. So please folks, don't be shy!

I also set up wireless in my apartment! For two and a half years now we've had wires criss-crossing all over our apartment and just could never talk ourselves into making the investment into a wireless router. Then my husband somehow managed to break the ethernet port on his work laptop, and that was the kick we needed to make the jump into the 21st century. I love that now I can shift positions on the couch as many times as I want and not have to worry about getting tangled up in the internet cord, or worry that the cord is going to come out and Blogger will stop saving my posts as I write!

I've also found plenty to do that wasn't on my original to-do list. I messed around with various ways to subscribe to the blog, so now the subscribe-by-email and Google friend connect options are more visible, as well as adding NetworkedBlogs so the blog will automatically post to my Facebook account. I kind of feel like all of those options are taking up a lot of room and pushing other important content (like my mini-review policy) down too far. Any suggestions? I also messed around with FeedFlare so now those of you who subscribe through RSS feeds can see how many comments a post has as well as other sharing options right from your feed reader!

Today's must-do goals are to finish my feminist book rec list and finish reading a book to review for tomorrow's Nonfiction Monday. Anything else I accomplish will be gravy!
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