Thursday, January 27, 2011

Book Thoughts: Snow Day!

Inspired by Melissa's Teaser Tuesday for Trapped, and New York's own snowy weather, I got to thinking about weather and reading.

Snowing in New York         Image by Keith Barlow via Flickr
As I settle in for my own snow day, I really kind of wish that I had Trapped with me - while the snow has stopped so this blizzard won't reach the epic fail that was the Christmas blizzard (which I totally missed by being on vacation Phoenix, Arizona, grr), this still seems like the perfect weather for this sort of book. On the other hand, I can totally understand people wanting to read a book set in a tropical paradise as a bit of escapism today.

So I'm wondering how your own reading tastes tend to go, especially when it comes to frigid winter or sweltering summer days. Do you want to read about characters who are suffering/celebrating the way you are? Or are you purely an escapist fantasy reader and want to at least imagine being some place totally different?
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