Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bloggiesta update - Saturday morning

Husband had to wake up at seven to prepare for an eye doctor appointment (things to consider when you get new contacts: if you have to wear them for three hours before your appointment, don't make your appointment first thing!) so I've been up since 7 and have been Bloggiesta-ing since 7:30. Yay for being a nerd!

Yesterday I only got two hours of work done, but I wrote up two reviews and set up a page for my What Have I Missed challenge, as well as creating an image for the challenge, so that's good work in my opinion. The link to the new page is in the header, and my first What I Missed review will be up on Friday! I also spent a lot of time on Twitter and looking at other blogs, trying to figure out the comment situation. I didn't get any opinions on Disqus, though there was a lot of back and forth on IntenseDebate. Former users seem to hate it while current blog admins really like it.

I chose to go with IntenseDebate because I like the look of it (petty, I know) and from a commenter-perspective it seems less finicky than Disqus - there are other blogs I follow who have to announce almost once a month that they're having Disqus problems. Not a great selling point for the system. If you have a moment (and/or need to boost your comment challenge numbers!), please leave a comment on this entry and try out the new commenting system! Whether you're a big ID fan or not, it has to be better than Blogger's system, right?

Plans for today: more reviews to be written, and template cleanup. Work work work...
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