Saturday, May 22, 2010

Book Links: Roundup, 5/22

I hope to start making this a weekly or bi-weekly feature, highlighting some of the other great book blogger writing that is going on around the internet! This inaugural post is just going to be a catch-all for some of the links that have been accumulating in my Google Reader, but soon it will be more regular.

Last weekend, a great review of Fire was posted at Confessions of a Bibliovore. I absolutely loved Fire and have been shocked at some of the accusations that it's "too adult" with the reasoning being that Fire mentions her period (and that is related to how monsters respond to her). I really like the observation here that Fire isn't necessarily a YA book in the 12-18 sense the marketing category is usually defined as, but rather a book for young adults at the upper end of the teen spectrum and into their early 20s.

I love the What a Girl Wants series that is posted at Chasing Ray. May 11th was the most recent post, asking the panel "what novel (or novels) do you wish you had read the summer before your senior year in high school?" I definitely consider myself fortunate that Colleen's pick, Empress of the World came out while I was in high school (summer before junior year for me).

I've been following Weekly Geeks for months now but never seem to find the time to actually answer a question. This week's is a character comparion - a book character you're like, one you're the total opposite of, or one you wish you were like.

Liz at Tea Cozy is just cruel posting a teaser six months before the rest of the world gets to read this book: Mockingbirds. Totally love that a book is coming out dealing with issues of sex and consent; the vigilante justice aspect makes me a little nervous, however. This is the same reason I've avoided The Naughty List so far. I can't rationally explain it, but something about the concept weirds me out. However I probably will be picking up Mockingbirds in November.

At Reading in Color, Ari reviewed Love is the Higher Law, which I reviewed back in November. When I reviewed it I wondered how it would resonate with current teenagers who were only kids when 9/11 happened. Ari's review answers that question :-)

In case you missed it when this was going around the internet earlier this week, be sure to check out the Ghostbusters busting some ghosts in the New York Public Library's reading room:

Finally, the Nerds Heart YA tournament is getting started - and I'm one of the first round judges! This tournament highlights books that didn't get much blog love over the last year, with a special emphasis on books highlighting disability and mental illness, characters of color, religion and LGBT stories. Look for a post here on June 15th!
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