Sunday, January 31, 2010

Month in Review: January

I've seen other people posting round ups of what they did this month - I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon!

At the end of December I said one of my New Year's resolutions was to blog consistently - which for me meant 3 times a week. It's the one resolution I've been able to keep so far, actually. This is my 28th post of the month, which means I averaged a post a day! I know in reality I took some days off, and I probably won't keep up this pace all year, but it's a little exciting.

That pace was helped along by the Bloggiesta at the beginning of the month. All that work in one weekend has certainly helped my blog. I was able to focus on setting goals for my blogging, standardizing things like my tags, and of course a bunch of people found the blog and have stuck around since then! I also added a ton of new blogs to my reading list over the course of the month, and seeing all of those other bloggers and their regular posts inspires me to keep going with my own blogging and reviewing, and can inspire me to make my thoughts on one of their posts into a whole new post over here.

January also brought a flurry of controversy over the Magic Under Glass cover. While Bloomsbury is changing the jacket on that particular book, it's clear the fight is far from over. Huffington Post ran an article that totally missed the point of our anger over whitewashing.

Of the 28 posts this month, less than half were actually reviews. The review with the most comments was for The Devil's Kiss. My favorite of all the books I reviewed was King of the Screwups, with The Rock and the River in a close second.

Well, I have two bags worth of library books I need to tackle, plus two reviews for books I finished this weekend to set up for later this week. Seriously, the ability to schedule posts is the only reason I've been able to blog as regularly as I have!
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