Friday, October 8, 2010

Rot & Ruin Giveaway winner!

This is a little later than I promised but...oh well. Work got hectic this morning, what can I say?

But now that it's a quiet Friday afternoon, I'm free to announce the winner. Through the time-honored method of drawing names from a hat, the winner is...


In answer to the (purposefully vague) question of how do you like your zombies, Tia answered "The zombies gotta be slow! Otherwise how are the measly humans able to come up with something cool to protect themselves?"

I thought it was interesting that most votes came down on the side of slow zombies, at least in novels, but fast when it comes to movies. Interesting to keep in mind for my own zombie novel!

Thanks to everyone who entered, and to Jonathan Maberry who was awesome enough to offer the book for giveaway! Tia, I'm going to send your e-mail address to Jonathan, and from there the two of you will work out shipping.
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