Sunday, February 28, 2010

Month in Review: February

I know that technically this is the shortest month of the year, but it's really felt like it wouldn't end. I am SO READY for winter to be over - New York City has been essentially shut down twice this month thanks to the snowstorms.

I have to admit, that the way this city operates is still totally foreign to me in some ways. Back in Michigan we got hit with big snows all of the time, and while schools would be closed, the rest of life kept on going. Short of an actual, on-going blizzard, businesses still opened and people went shopping or out for lunch. Here in New York, if we get a couple of inches overnight, people seem to just give up on the entire day! My bosses were impressed with my tenacity on Friday - I went into the office despite living out in Queens, while both of them live in Manhattan and decided to work from home!

My blogging slowed down a little this month for a couple of reasons. I worked on a couple of major posts, such as my LGBT Lit recommendation page and the first two Twilight posts (still working on putting all of my thoughts together for my Twilight review, while still doing my regular blogging). Plus I had a major job interview (that was delayed by the first snowstorm - I'm still anxiously awaiting word on that one) and celebrated my first wedding anniversary! So making 19 posts in 28 days isn't quite so disappointing.

Like last month, less than half of my posts this month were actually reviews (9 out of 19 posts). I spent the rest of the posts rehashing book events, advertising blogging events or dissecting book-related news. Of the reviews I did get posted, I'd have to say Brooklyn Nine was by far my favorite, followed by Mare's War.

This was a fairly comment-intensive month - lots of posts garnered a comment or two, and some long-ish comment threads were sparked by my posts on Spotlight, as well as the post on updating books for contemporary audiences, sparked by the announcement of Disney's latest TV movie Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars. Please keep commenting! I read every single comment, and respond to as many as I can, even though sometimes it takes me a few days.

March is (hopefully) going to start off with a ton of reviews - I have at least half a dozen books I've read in the past week or two that I still need to write up. I know how I'm spending the rest of my day!
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