Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Review: Cleavage, Breakaway Fiction for Real Girls ed. by Deb Loughead & Jocelyn Shipley

Found via: Amelia Bloomer Project

I think this basic collection of stories comes out almost every year. A collection of short stories about girl power, building self esteem and positive body image in young women. While I'm certainly for all of those things, some times the short story collections start to feel a little redundant.

This collection is populated with innocuous enough stories, all sending various positive messages, and mostly seem to be written by first time authors, which may explain why some of these felt flat and cliche.

Reading all of the stories in one go, a lot of them ended up bleeding together: everyone had a terrible mom and no one liked her boobs seemed to be the overarching themes. Was I really that strange of a teenager to have had a good relationship with my mom and not to have angsted endlessly about my bra size? A little more variety in teenage girl problems would have gone a long way to set this particular collection apart from a crowded field of short story anthologies.
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