Sunday, April 3, 2011

Month in review: March

I really hate seasons of transition, especially from winter to spring. The weather will give you a couple of unseasonably nice days, and then immediately plunge you back into wintry darkness that just make me feel blah and like not doing much of anything - hence things being all quiet on the blogging front this past week.

I also managed to not pick up a What Have I Missed book all month, which made me feel like a bit of a failure :-( My bad. I'll do two books soon to make up for it!

When I was blogging this month, Sci-Fi Friday made a brief return with Across the Universe and XVI. I have a double review coming up this week for SF, but after that my TBR list is sadly empty of SF titles. If you know of any upcoming science fiction titles, let me know and I'll add them to my TBR list! Last year we had some amazing science fiction books, including the Printz-winner Ship Breaker and the super entertaining Black Hole Sun. Where's the serious (and seriously fun) science fiction of 2011?

I also spent a lot of March thinking about history, first with the amazing Between Shades of Gray, which deserves every accolade and word of praise that has been heaped upon it. An amazing and moving look at an oft-neglected bit of history. I also took some time to reflect on the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire and the books that brought that piece of history to life for me.

As the weather seems to finally be turning sunny for good now, I'm looking into doing some spring cleaning in real life and in my TBR list. I realized a few weeks ago that my TBR list already has more books on it than I managed to read in all of 2010 - and it's only April. So I'm going to have to really rein myself in on what is actually added to the list in the future. I'm going to spend more time focusing on issues that I'm really passionate about, so LGBT, feminist and class-conscious books (along with those elusive science fiction books!) are moving to the top of my list, and everything else is going to be secondary. I'm not going to be reviewing those sorts of books exclusively because, for example, I never would have discovered Between Shades of Gray if I'd stuck to those qualifications, but they are my priorities for now.

Here's hoping that April will be much more productive than March!
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